Apartment Cleaning


At Xtreem Cleaners, we understand that not only does your apartment need to be cleaned on time, it has to spotless for that first impression your new renter gets when seeing it for the first time.

We have the staff, experienced managers and financial backing to clean any size apartment complex and offer the terms all apartment complex managers need. From the front lobby to the biggest apartment, we are ready to give your apartment a

Our Cleaning Services

From the moment a new renter pulls up to your lobby he is already forming an impression about renting. We know your lobby, facilities and apartments better be spotless. Our Apartment Cleaning Services include:

  • Lobby Cleaning

  • Common area facility cleaning

  • Laundry room cleaning

  • Fitness center cleaning

  • Apartment cleaning

  • Emergency cleaning

  • Deep Cleaning

  • Restroom cleaning

  • Office cleaning

  • Trash removal

  • Appliance cleaning/polishing

  • ....and so much more!


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