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Who better to help with hotel housekeeping services than an actual cleaning company? We are not a staffing company but an actual janitorial company where our employees are trained to clean and clean quickly. We can put from one to thirty cleaning professionals in your hotel to help keep your boards in order. They don't miss work and they work efficiently when there.

At Xtreem Cleaners we understand how important it is to get your rooms completed in a quick and orderly manner and finished correctly. From stay-overs to checkouts, our people are trained to get them done in the time allowed so customers are happy, managers are happy and the crews can go home in a timely fashion. Call the experts today when needed to add housekeeping people to your location.

Our Hotel Housekeeping

We know those boards need to be completed in a timely fashion. Our crew is trained in cleaning and more importantly they enjoy cleaning. It won't take them long to learn your particular hotel's procedures for each room. They are on-time, efficient and eager to work.

More about our crews:

  • Trained cleaning professionals

  • Many already with hotel experience

  • Arrive to work on-time

  • Don't miss work

  • Learn your procedures quickly

  • Want to work!!

  • Experience in laundry as well

  • Friendly attitudes

  • Work efficiently and constantly

  • ....and so much more!

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