School Cleaning



School Cleaning Services is one of the most important works we offer. Keeping kids in a clean environment at school is a top priority, just ask the parents. We keep your school clean by paying attention to high-touch hot spots that many cleaning companies may ignore, helping your students and faculty have a more healthy and happy experience.

We keep your school clean by using the proper disinfectants and avoiding corrosive chemicals or bleach. We are Charleston's School Cleaning experts!!

Our Cleaning Services

You will find more germs on the cafeteria table than stars in the sky. We are the school cleaning experts and will keep your educational facility looking great every day, every time. Our School Cleaning Services include:

  • Hallway cleaning

  • Classroom cleaning

  • High-touch area disinfecting

  • Table cleaning

  • Cafeteria cleaning

  • Restroom cleaning

  • Gym cleaning

  • Office cleaning

  • Water fountain cleaning/sanitizing

  • Wall cleaning

  • Emergency cleaning

  • Fixture cleaning

  • Door handle cleaning/sanitizing

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